Elizabeth Wen Tortora elizabeth

I’ve always loved drawing and creating! I never struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Artist! I went to Parsons School of Design in NY and studied Graphic Design. I worked in advertising, editorial design, package design… you name it. But it was my last job creating and designing toys that I fell in love with! I love all fun, whimsical and kids-like “things”! So, after getting married and having my two girls, I quit my job and stayed home with them. Now I was totally immersed in all sorts of kids fun! I was one of those crazy moms that had their kids in every activity available! I knitted & sewed funky clothes for them and took tons of pictures!

Technology at this time was becoming a big thing. And of course, my phone was filled with photos of them!

Gaming was also becoming more common. My girls loved playing with the dress up “apps” creating outfits and hair designs. And I wanted to make little avatars of my girls! But there weren’t any that made babies or toddlers. So I made my own! But it wasn’t a real program, I had to manually place the outfits and hair styles. My girls loved playing with it and creating themselves! So why not make it a real! And so began my the journey of “sillyshirtshop.com”!

My goal was not just to have something that’s unique but that it should be fun to make–for both mom and child! Between the diapers, throw ups & school work, life should be punctuated with joy, fun & silly things!