Little Angels Mamas Prefer To Choose Online Shopping

Every Mother wants to choose the best for their little angels. Whether it comes to selecting the best clothes to selecting the best accessories. But sometimes selecting the item that possess the quality yet fits their kid’s personality is difficult.

Working women are unable to manage much time so they prefer to choose online. There is also a fear attached with purchasing online that whether its quality will match with expectations.

The concerned Moms wants the finest things. The most important factor in buying online is the element of TRUST. If the company values its customer than they will surely provide top class products.

SillyShirShop do value the trust Customers put in us. We provide state of the art quality T-shirts with the option of Personalization. You can add pictures, texts, change colors or designs.

The whole experience of shopping would be wonderful for your little Angels Mamas.

Try it for yourself and be a part of our Family.


I’ve always loved drawing and creating! I never struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Artist! I went to Parsons School of Design in NY and studied Graphic Design. I worked in advertising, editorial design, package design… you name it. But it was my last job creating and designing toys that I fell in love with! I love all fun, whimsical and kids-like “things”! So, after getting married and having my two girls, I quit my job and stayed home with them. Now I was totally immersed in all sorts of kids fun! I was one of those crazy moms that had their kids in every activity available! I knitted & sewed funky clothes for them and took tons of pictures!

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