The Kids New Season Style

Wandering what’s in and what’s out this fall?

Don’t know where to start shopping for your toddler?

Confused Much? We have got the answers to all of your questions.

The children’s fashion market is rising up.  Kids are increasingly dressing like their fashion oriented moms and dads. Yet while parents want their children’s style to mirror theirs, they still want them to dress like a kid. The demand is growing for children’s wear that is both sweet and sophisticated.

Therefore sometimes parents become very choosy in deciding what will look best on their kid or what’s in fashion. As the new season is just around the corner, everyone is curious that what will be the kids new season style.

Long coats, sweaters, tunics, cool caps, long boots, caps, skirts, scarf’s …ahhh so many things. Every mom tried to cover up her kid to save from cool breezes and try to make their kid fashionable. Style isn’t just for adults.

So here is the list of kids new season style for your kid. Enjoy

The kids New Season Style


Your kid will love it when she will go out to play. It will bring another level confidence in them and the best part it they will love you even more for this shopping.

So what are you waiting for, buy a customized shirt from SillyshirtShop and match every accessory needed with it. And there you go, Perfect fashion for upcoming season.

Do share Pictures of what you have got.

I’ve always loved drawing and creating! I never struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Artist! I went to Parsons School of Design in NY and studied Graphic Design. I worked in advertising, editorial design, package design… you name it. But it was my last job creating and designing toys that I fell in love with! I love all fun, whimsical and kids-like “things”! So, after getting married and having my two girls, I quit my job and stayed home with them. Now I was totally immersed in all sorts of kids fun! I was one of those crazy moms that had their kids in every activity available! I knitted & sewed funky clothes for them and took tons of pictures!

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