Why Let Kids Choose What They Wear

Is your kid being too choosy about selecting clothes?

Does your kid want to go to shopping with you for His/her shopping?

Does your kid search on Internet for cool design?

If yes Then Congratulations. Your kid is growing up and becoming sensible. It’s time to let Kids Choose their own clothes.  It does not matter if you want to buy nice jeans and girls t-shirts for your princess or to buy boys t-shirts online for your hero, your child will continue to insist to buy him/her some glittery dresses or fluffy skirts, or a super-man costume. There is a lot of debate about parents’ perception on allowing their children to dress their own way. And recent studies have shown that most parents, who have permitted their children to pick out their own clothes, do not regret this decision. Here are some of the top three benefits why parents should encourage their kids to choose their own clothes.

  • Sense Of Responsibility–Allowing your kids to chose their own clothes no matter how much they are funky, appreciate them .This will teach them  to be independent and to accept the outcomes of their decisions. Kids will only learn when they are given the opportunity to explore. Trust your kid, he will enjoy the experience of choosing clothes and this will create a better bond between you and your kid.
  • Make them Confident– When kids will choose their own clothes they will feel more confident and this will build a better personality. When parents impose their decisions and force them to wear what they like, kids will wear that but their confidence will lose.
  • Understand When To Intervene– Do allow to make your kids to do selection but be with them when they make a choice. Only draw a line when they pick something very odd. Rather what you need to do, is to give your children both freedom and lesson on the society norms.

These are some of the most things you will benefit from if you allow (to a certain extent) your children wear what they want. So, why not include them in the shopping process? When browsing online, looking for girls t-shirts or boys shirts online, ask your children about their own opinion on certain clothing piece. If, for example, out of all boys shorts online, your kid chooses the ones that do not match the rest of the outfit, tell him why he needs to choose other model without making him feel bad. You can tell him that the pattern does not match the chosen t-shirt or something similar. Your child will understand and accept your advice.


What do you think is the right age of allowing kids to choose their own clothes? Your Opinion Matters.

I’ve always loved drawing and creating! I never struggled with what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Artist! I went to Parsons School of Design in NY and studied Graphic Design. I worked in advertising, editorial design, package design… you name it. But it was my last job creating and designing toys that I fell in love with! I love all fun, whimsical and kids-like “things”! So, after getting married and having my two girls, I quit my job and stayed home with them. Now I was totally immersed in all sorts of kids fun! I was one of those crazy moms that had their kids in every activity available! I knitted & sewed funky clothes for them and took tons of pictures!

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